Saturday, 16 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Sagittarius - 17th December 2017

The Moon is in Sagittarius and throughout the day we are having a a bit of a Sagittarian overload, with not only the Moon here in this sign but also the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. The Moon in Sagittarius is open and loves to be around friends enjoying itself, and there will be a need to socialise, not to be trapped in, and to enjoy life to the full. Our generosity knows no limits and we are in a mood for giving, not only in material terms but emotionally too. Even if we are tearing ourselves up inside, we won't want others to realise it, and the emotional optimism within us will always will always carry us through to the next opportunity.

The Moon starts off with a square to Neptune and this aspect leads us to escape any woes and troubles that we do have through whichever means we have at our disposal. We may can dream the most incredible fantastic dreams and our imaginations can be propelled into outer space, but be careful that you you don't deceive yourself into an unreality that leads you to take on something that is out of your depth. Remember that you are incredibly vulnerable at this minute, and your openness and potential naivety could lead you into a trap either of someone else's making, or one that you create for yourself.

The Moon leaves the square to Neptune and enters into a run though the planets I mentioned in Sagittarius, that will extend into tomorrow's New Moon. First up is a conjunction to Mercury and we have emotion to talk, a lot. Everything we will say will be considered as Mercury is moving retro, but it won't shut us up!! Once we have stopped talking, this connection is great at listening too and getting others to open up about anything on their mind. The conversation or debate if you like could go on for some time.

The Moon then forms a conjunction with Venus. This is a beautiful, sympathetic and compassionate link, and again we will be drawn to be with people we love, be it our partner, family, children or best friends. This is a Sunday to get together, to swap stories and to exchange information, something we should do more in this impersonal age of the internet and social media which hides us behind a keyboard more and more. Make a difference and get in touch with your nearest and dearest, as now is no better time to do so.

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to marry on 19th May 2018, and I got it correct.

harry and Meghan

It’s been announced by Kensington Palace that Harry and Meghan are to be married on 19th May 2018. Now I have a bit of a track record in Royal predictions as back in 2012 I correctly predicted fully 10 months ahead of the event on 2nd February 2012 that Prince William would announce that he would be a father in the first week of December that year and on the 3rd December 2012 he did just that. I then went on in March 2013 to state that I thought the royal baby would be born on 22nd June 2013, and Prince George duly arrived on that very day.

They announced the engagement on 27th November, and it became the the thing everyone was talking about. When I was asked after the announcement by a follower on which day I thought Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would get married, I got out my chart of Harry, looked at it and wrote this…


Spot on the money three weeks ahead of the announcement. Now that’s the value of a good and decent Astrologer. We can see the future, and anyone who thinks that I just get lucky should try and work out the odds of getting three Royal predictions like this correct. There is value to Astrology and the stars and planets do foretell if you have the correct information, and I totally utterly believe in my craft and what I do…

Prediction of Royal Baby -

Prediction of Prince William’s fatherhood announcement -

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Astrology of the Day – Moon in Sagittarius - Saturday 16th December 2017

man kneeling

The Moon moves into Sagittarius today on one of the quietest astrological days that I have seen since I started doing these daily posts. The energy now will be expansive, optimistic, candid and fun and there will be a need to learn and to explore. The Moon in Sagittarius bounds along wherever it pleases, and it hates to be confined or help back. There is a requirement for freedom today, and this energy is virtually pure as the Moon amazingly does not make on major aspect with any planet at all during the whole day, save a small 30 degree semi-sextile to Mars early on in the day, which for the record may provide a little emotional irritability, but no more than that over a brief hour or two.

The one major planetary aspect of the day sees the Sun also in Sagittarius making a fire trine to Uranus in Aries. Going along with the Moon's vibrant energy, there will be a very independent vibe that comes flowing through. We will not want to follow the rules, tow the line and follow others. No, this is a day for those who are unique, special, rebellious, cynical, scientific, inventive, zany, inclusive and stubborn with it to do their own thing. If we have made our mind up on something we will not change our minds. We'll question the validity of anything, listen to the argument, but then explain why we won't follow advice, because we've already made our minds up, and we're sticking with what we know. If you know an Aquarian, that's exactly how they are, and it's how we MAY want to act, but there is one other connection today that may supersede even this trine.

This involves Mercury moving retrograde going back over a star that Venus visited two days ago, Ras Algethi in the constellation of Hercules. If you want a greater explanation of that star, go back to my appraisal of the planetary energies on 14th December. As I explained then, this is a star of bowing to a greater power or cause. Now this connection gives us a big dilemma. Do we follow our convictions and go ahead with what we know and believe in, and follow our own specific agenda, or do we compromise over a previous decision or agreement that was made in the past? We may return to an argument that we have used in the past to back our convictions, we may have trouble with a technical device because of a wider bigger problem or outage, or we may reluctantly agree to a course of action only because there is a bigger and more pressing concern beyond our individual decision. Again there may be a situation connected to the environment that comes alive just because someone goes back on a commitment that was previously set in stone.

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Australia's child sexual abuse problem


In Australia, a 5 year probe into child sexual abuse has concluded that institutions in the country had failed to protect children. The abuse extended to the handling of kids in schools, churches and sports clubs over years. On the Australian natal chart, any Astrologer could have pointed this out years ago.


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