Saturday, 21 October 2017

Astrology of the Day – Saturday 21st October 2017

We are into moving into a much quieter phase of planetary activity now and we wake to find the Moon moving still in the Sign of Scorpio forming a lovely water trine with Neptune, so we will be looking for a restful and easy start to our weekend. Breakfast in bed with the one you love will sound like a wonderful idea.

As this connection dissipates the Moon moves on further to make another positive connection to the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto. There is much constructive and and yet intense energy here and we can move mountains today if you should want to. This is a great day for sorting our any shared aspects of your life, be it financial or matters about objects and possessions that are jointly owned. In the same way you may be able to benefit from those in positions of influence, especially in regards to future investments or money that you wish to borrow. Arranging to pay back creditors may also a good use of the energy at your fingertips too.

In the background the Sun is approaching the planet of expansion and optimism Jupiter. This connection won't be made for a couple of days yet but we should be starting to feel the benefits of this merging of energies, through a more open, inclusive and happy-go-lucky attitude. This is a time to banish the blues and to start to enjoy life again. Go for it and seize the day, after all once an opportunity has gone, it's unlikely to return again in exactly the same fashion...

Friday, 20 October 2017

Astrology of the Day - Moon in Scorpio - Friday 20th October 2017

On this day the Moon moves into Scorpio and the motivation as she moves into the realm of the underworld is to dig beneath the surface and to discover the truth. There is an emotional need to find out what is going on, how, why and when. 

This is even more the case as the Moon encounters both Jupiter and Mercury in conjunction on her journey today, so there is a desire for wisdom, information and to spread the net far and wide. We may also be interested in other people's problems and issues, and this is a great time for analysing situations so that we can get to the heart of any matter that concerns us. Discussions and debates will be deep and insightful today. 

There is still a sense of the unexpected about the energy now and the day may be punctuated by events happening that you might not expect. Anything new, unique or scientific may be of interest at the moment, as may social or community matters. Late in the day the Moon moves into a favourable angle to Neptune and we will look for a restful, peaceful end to the day, without any arguments or discord. This night we should sleep easier than of late...

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Astrology of the Day – New Moon in Libra - Thursday 19th October 2017

The Moon remains in the sign of relating Libra and at 19.11 hrs GMT forms a conjunction with the Sun starting a brand new New Moon cycle. New Moons bring the opportunity to set a new path for yourself. In a way you can wipe the slate clean and start again under them, and in Libra, there is an urge to set things straight and to reset the balance now. If your life has become unbalanced or unhinged, now is a chance to tip things in a new direction.

The New Moon directly opposes Uranus and links into Saturn too therefore we have an opportunity to make a brand new start and to make dramatic changes, so long as we are prepared to also accept that we will have to graft, work hard and be in it for the long haul. There is a sense of independence and rebellion present here, and also a social conscience and humanitarian feeling too. Any long term kind of project that is community based, technical, scientific or aimed for the greater good of all is in my opinion very well starred now.

As for individual effect for this New Moon then if you know your Ascendant sign, (that’s related to the time that you were born) then it's arrival will affect you in the following ways…

Aries – The Libran new Moon lands directly in the part of your chart connected to relationship and partnerships matters. You may have to accept that your partner is seeing things in a new or different way to yourself and you might have to change your attitudes or realise that you need a fresh start, a bit more space and independence. This also applies to to your relationship with people who openly oppose your views.

Taurus – For you your attention should be linked to your health and welfare, so this may be a moment to consider your diet, habits and how you look after yourself. Your daily work and routine also come under scrutiny and how you relate to people at work might change, especially if new people come in or you yourself seek new work challenges or tasks to take on.

Gemini – This New Moon shines a light on your individual talents and you may find enjoyment from taking up new hobbies, or or just being creative. You might have to take a new attitude in relation to children, and in terms of love and affection a new romance or a restart to an existing relationship may be on the cards.

Cancer – For this New Moon it's all change at home and in your domestic situation, you may take up a new attitude towards your family or housemates, you may find the women in your life are a source of inspiration or disruption, there may be abrupt beginnings and endings that you have to deal with, and the chance to set a new course and start again may come to pass.

Leo – The New Moon affects the way you think, speak and communicate. Maybe being a little outspoken and thinking in a different way will help in the long run? You will be busy with unexpected calls on your time, and you may have to make off the cuff journeys and trips to new places. Why not try learning a new skill?

Virgo – Why not try and find a new way of earning money? You may feel like asking for a pay rise or going out and buying something that is a little different and unique. Being different and trusting your values will help your self-worth.

Libra – You'll feel more confident and willing to put yourself in the spotlight. Why not your appearance and try out a new style, a complete overhaul of the way you live may make you feel better and it will also help how you relate to others

Scorpio – This New Moon lands in the most hidden part of your chart and thus things connected to charity or working behind the scenes may be beneficial to you, as may finding your own personal space and peace away from the demands of everyday life. An unexpected sacrifice made could turn out to be the right decision in the end.

Sagittarius – The New Moon stimulates anything linked to group activities and social concerns and you may be getting more involved in situations where your particular talents come in useful for the greater good of everyone. Matters linked to friends are important too and why not start to cooperate with them to try and fulfil your hopes and dreams?

Capricorn – Work and career matters take on new importance and maybe you can make a real impression now on bosses and senior people through your unique approach to things. This full Moon also boosts how you are perceived in public and you may get noticed or find yourself in the spotlight in some way?

Aquarius – For you learning something new is what you will get out of this fresh lunar cycle. Your faith and belief systems will be tested and it would do you well you open your mind to new ways of seeing things. You may be involved with people who come from a different point of view or culture too. Unexpected travel plans may have to be activated, legal matters may be highlighted or situations connected to in-laws and extended families may come to light.

Pisces – The New Moon activates all issues connected to sharing, this could involve finances, other people's possessions and values, including those who you love. Intimate relationships can be a source of tension or joy now, and you may find that opening your mind to new experiences may freshen your relationship up. Secrets may come to light now or you may have to deal with people in positions of power and influence. Watch out for those who unexpectedly try to manipulate your point of view.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Astrology of the Day – Wednesday 18th October 2017

The Moon today is travelling in the sign of relating to others, Libra, and the energy today will be focused off of ourselves and what we need and directed onto those of other people. Libra as a sign can also be quite partisan in it's requirement for justice and equality, and if we see things are out of balance, we will tend to fight to redress any inequality.

Now the Moon also links up with Venus in it's home sign and we may feel much love and sympathy through this meeting, and we get a sense of the calm after the storm. Venus is a planet of diplomacy and pleasure, and the temptation either to be a mediator or just to do nothing at all will come over us, depending how the energy takes us. This is a lazy kind of day while these two are in contact, one where we may seek the easy way out of and pressing situation. This could occur though as the Sun is now opposing Uranus and making a difficult angle to Chiron, so there is an air of unpredictability still hanging around, and the temptation to take the alternative path or route when trying to achieve any objective is strong, even if for some it is not exactly what they wish for.

There is also another melding of forces in the cosmos as Mercury and Jupiter link up in the early degrees of Scorpio. Whenever these two connect, we always look at the bigger picture, the grand solution, big promises can be made without thinking of the smaller ramification that may occur. One senses from the position of the planets that we will be looking for the all encompassing way of doing things and we won't care about the consequences. There is danger in taking an attitude that is too “laissez faire”, so keep your eye on the ball and remember not to let things get too out of hand... 


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